Tickets for the NJF 2024 are available here! The tickets are available during different phases. The first phase runs from January 22nd until February 25th. The second phase runs from February 26th until April 28th. All tickets for Saturday include a Gala show ticket worth €15. Be quick because this year we have a limited number of camping spots, so purchase a ticket for multiple days swiftly and secure yourself a spot at the campsite. The earlier you buy your ticket, the more discount you get! This also gives the organization a good insight into the expected number of visitors, allowing them to shape the festival as well as possible. Note that there is no breakfast on Thursday and no dinner on Sunday, due to the start and end times of the NJF.

Ticket 1st Phase 2nd Phase Door
Entire Festival 17+ 120,- 135,- 140,-
Entire Festival 12 - 16 110,- 125,- 130,-
Entire Festival 5 - 11 60,- 68,- 70,-
Thursday - Saturday 104,- 116,- 120,-
Friday - Sunday 95,- 107,- 111,-
Thursday + Friday 58,- 65,- 67,-
Friday + Saturday 79,- 88,- 91,-
Saturday + Sunday 62,- 70,- 73,-
Thursday - - 31,-
Friday - - 38,-
Saturday - - 53,-
Sunday - - 20,-
Galashow Afternoon/Evening 15,- 15,- 15,-
Circusworkshop Youth 7,50,- 7,50,- 7,50,-

Day tickets grant full access to the festival for that day. During purchase at the door, certain parts can be omitted on request (such as food).

The Support ticket

This year, we are introducing the Support ticket, a special kind of ticket that contributes to keeping the festival accessible and affordable for everyone. Additionally, purchasing this ticket helps make the festival even more special and amazing. For instance, it could enable us to book that one awesome gala show artist. The price of the Support ticket varies depending on when you buy it. During the first phase of ticket sales, the ticket is available for €135. After the first phase, the ticket is available for €145. It is also possible to donate more.

Circusworkshop for Children

On May 11th, the NJF is organizing a morning especially for 6 to 14 year olds! You are welcome at Sportcentrum Arcus to come and join a workshop between 10:00 and 12:00. During these two hours, you will get a taste of many different circus disciplines. After 12:00, we invite you to participate in our additional program: at 12:30, a parade full of jugglers will depart from the sports hall towards the market. At the market, you can immediately apply the tricks you've just learned at our Juggling Games! This is a public event where jugglers showcase all their tricks for fun prizes. After the games, we hope to see you at 15:30 in theater 't Mozaïek. Here, you will be entertained for an hour by various top artists from the circus world. One ticket for this gala show is also included in the workshop ticket! Are there more people who want to join? Individual performance tickets are also available for purchase! Click here to be directed straight to the product on the ticket website.

Permission Letter

Are you under the age of 18 and want to attend the NJF? Then we require you to fill in a permission letter, signed by your parent or guardian. The permission letter can be found here.