Is the NJF-location accessible with public transport? Yes. For travel directions, click here
Is there sufficient parking space for my car? There sure is enough parking space.
Food allergies / catering The food is for vegan, vegetarian, and omnivores. All other diet wishes can be told to the organization.
We are now in the Netherlands. Can we all get stoned now? The Netherlands have, despite the cannabis, certainly a policy on drugs. For the current rules and regulations regarding drugs, see this website
Is there enough toilet paper? Of course there is. We will make sure that your needs are covered.
I really want to volunteer. Is that possible? You can always give a workshop, we’d love to if you do. For helping with building up, you can register via the registration form. For other volunteer tasks, you can check the info point at the site.
Can I come sooner? Nope.
I have a camper / caravan. Can I go on site with this? For campers and caravans, we have separate spots. So this is most certainly possible, yes.
Will there be a renegade? Yes!
Can my pet come too? No, pets are not allowed. Only for assistance dogs we make exceptions.
But I have a goldfish. It wouldn’t hurt a fly. Can it still come with me? Is it an assistance dog (in other words: does your goldfish have four legs, a wet snout and a cover that says ‘assistance dog’)? Yes, then it is allowed. Does your goldfish have orange scales, and doesn’t survive without water? Then no.
Who will be held accountable? From the moment you enter the terrain of the NJF, it is fully at your own risk. Look at our terms and conditions for more information.
What do I have to bring with me!? Look here for a packing list.